Sky's the Limit DeConstruction Services - connecting artisans with material, rescued for repurposing from obsolete structures: quality building blocks like this should not be buried in landfill graves!


Century old ironwork and old growth wood, crafted with care and seasoned with toil and sweat, each piece with a story to tell, a tale to weave into the history of our time...

door hardware 

We invite all artisans to interpret: to create...and sell -->to tell the stories of these buildings and of the people who built them from the mountains that incubated the iron to the miners who mined the ore, the trains that carried it to the blacksmiths who forged the metals, to the artists who hammered the shapes and from the forests that grew the trees to become the beams that came to rest in the iron saddles high above in the train depot...so perfectly fit together, the weight of the beam, time as its instrument...making the structure sound and only stronger with years and wear... 


History Unfolding...or is it folding?
An Architectural Treasure
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