articles about train depot 1899-1902

Deconstruction Debate: Is it the solution? guest column in The Rock River Times

The health of a social system is dependent on utilizing the energy of the human content to benefit the “good of the whole.”* History shows us that the ability to adapt...

Repurposing Downtown: article in The Rock River Times

A Rockford man will take his vision of building a downtown Amtrak station with re-purposed materials from the same building to city officials next week.

Bill Howard wants to re-purpose materials from the west end of the former Charles Joseph building at 514 S. Church St., and use them to... 

Path to Full Employment


 The health of a social system is dependent on...

Economic Evolution

Economic Evolution

     The Fiscal Cliff,  We've arrived like Lemmings to the sea. .. Just in the nick of time.


Coming soon!

Coming soon!

Our vision encompasses:
Rescuing the wood of our ancestors to save our children's trees;
Honoring the craftsmanship of our elders by focusing the skills and training the hands of our youth to deconstruct from yesterday and re-purpose for today!

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