Economic Evolution

Economic Evolution

      The Fiscal Cliff,  We've arrived like Lemmings to the sea. .. Just in the nick of time.

     As the culture of stability threatens the status quo (change), the evolution of economic resilience reflects the Fiscal Cliff as a mere point in time unencumbered by any catastrophic event.   The march continues with it's embryo having formed around 1988 with one small exchange remaining open to follow the path of least resistance  yielding a tenable position because that is  Economic Evolution.  The lubricant of Democratic Capitalism permitting the exchange of goods and services is money.  Distribution of money with its circulation capacity is a measure of current economic health.  The cliff, now a part of the evolution is worthy of inspection as it was regarded in foresight as a formidable opponent  of the culture of stability.

            As always the path of least resistance resulting in a functioning economic system is a foregone conclusion.  The conditions leading to the Fiscal Cliff include the pyramiding of wealth and subsequent lowering of the middle class have lowered the lubricating capacity of available money.  This reality suggests "just add more money".  This is being done and has avoided any formal collapse of goods and services exchange.  However as the mass of lemmings going over the cliff reaches its zenith in human quantity the mess at the bottom of the cliff will define the next direction of the path of least resistance. 

            This path will necessarily be a "bounce" off the bottom of the cliff and be restricted to only the most resilient economic structures.  New business and personal models will replace the current "winner takes all" parameter with more inclusive models.  Examples of this would be employee owned corporations, co-operatives, and/or "guilds" of like talented individuals.  i.e. software engineers,  carpenters, plumbers, accountants,  film makers, etc.  Any success in the rebound will necessarily make more efficient use of less available lubricant.  A pressure exists to enable a barter system which requires a new kind of lubricant and a certain kind of upheaval in the evolution of an economy. 

            This is not a painless transition;  just ask a Russian.