Path to Full Employment




          The health of a social system is dependent on utilizing the energy of the human content to benefit the "good of the whole" *.  History shows us that the ability to adapt this energy to the changing dynamics of a social system will determine its continuation.  To this end it is time to recognize the current unemployment reality.  In the last century we adapted to the changing energy needs by leaving the farm and occupying the factory.  Now human energy is no longer needed in the factory. As with farming the human energy required is being replaced by the energy of machines; PROGRESS.

          Progress in a modern social system understands "the good of the whole" is a necessary part of a healthy structure.  i.e. A healthy economic system in a democratic society requires a rising middle class. * A rising middle class is a product of full employment with equitable wages.  The need then becomes utilizing the talents of the human content to benefit the "good of the whole" *

          With the above axioms, (*), in mind let’s examine the occupation of DECONSTRUCTION: "The systematic dismantling of structures rendered obsolete with the philosophy of re-use or salvage applied to all components."

          1.  Improves neighborhoods.

          2.  Eliminates landfill obstacles.

          3.  Addresses global warming

          4.  Utilizes existing human talents.

          5.  Teaches and reaffirms valuable skills.


          Now add RECONSTRUCTION to the format and the potential of a modern society becomes visible:  Healthy energy conscious homes and buildings as a component of "life liberty and the pursuit of happiness".