Sky's the Limit has embarked on a crusade to manifest talk into action in the area of green job creation. To create is to bring about that which did not exist into that which is real. The current target of this effort is utilizing our current excess labor force, the unemployed, to eliminate the practice of demolition and replace it with DeConstruction.* The fuel for this effort exists in 2014: excessive unemployment, abundant abandoned and unneeded structures, an anemic economic reality, a diminished amount of landfill space, a reverence for historic value, and an increasing public desire for change. We see the development of the DeConstruction industry as a vehicle capable of engaging this reality without any detrimental fallout.
Repurpose is the key word in the development of this industry. Deconstruction is an art form the success of which is dependent on realizing the value in all the constituent parts. Once this is apparent the added human energy to rescue the parts becomes obvious as is the energy to restructure this resource. In our social system this humane energy is translated to living wages; an urgently needed component of the SKY TO TRUELY BE THE LIMIT!
If you are interested in becoming part of this web of creating, let us know the extent and direction of your desire to add humane value to the parts that already exist and we will try to connect you with an outlet for your energy. i.e.
1 Would you like to be a DeConstruction worker?
2. Would you like to make picture frames out of molding strips?
3. Would you like to make furniture out of antique wood & metal?
4. Would you like to market DeConstructed materials on the web?
5. Would you like to become a repurpose craftsman?
6. Would you like to rebuild energy efficient, healthy structures?
7. Would you like to have someone value your energy with a living wage?